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What Does It Mean to Be Truly “Educated”?

It’s safe to say many of us grew up being raised to think that a good education from the right school was essential for a happy and “successful” life. But, what does that actually mean? How many of us know family and friends who are graduates of well-known universities and hold prestigious jobs but are most certainly not happy. What do we consider as “success”? 

Here at River Oak Academy, we believe that being educated means learning to love learning. In developing a child’s ability to be courageous, kind, and resilient, we believe that the next generation of learners will possess the most important skill of all: preparing themselves to be self-driven lifelong learners. We guide students on how to think - not what to think. We instill a real confidence in their minds and in their hearts. We understand that education is a process, and not a product. It's a journey, not a destination.

Anyone can be taught to memorize facts and regurgitate information, but not every child enjoys school. What would education look like if each and every student really DID enjoy school? At River Oak Academy, we strive to ensure that every child is not simply seen and heard - we demand of ourselves that they are nurtured and loved. Our school is their home away from home, our Studios come together to build a tight-knit community with our Founding Families, as we all continue to grow together - educating each other about how we can best think critically, learn organically, and love generously. That to, us is, a successful education.

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