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Part of our studio culture is when doing something, we give it our all, do our best, make it excellent. Why do we focus on mastery and not just getting things done just for the sake of getting it done? Because becoming a master takes hard work. But there are many enemies to becoming a master.

The obsessive tries to take a shortcut to mastery. They try to go too fast, they want results now, and when it gets hard, they quit. The obsessive doesn’t know that “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”

Hackers get some results, then is content. They think they are “good enough” and don’t think they need to make any more.

The dabbler is very enthusiastic about starting, they start new things all the time, but rarely finish. When the newness of something is gone, so is the dabbler.

The master takes the long view. He is patient, recognizing that growth is often hard, with long periods of flatlining, followed by growth. The goal is to grow. To not quit. To not take short cuts. To slowly, if necessary, become a master.

At ROA, we have a lot of masters in the making.

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