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         We understand that choosing a school for your young child is a big and difficult decision. Our enrollment process is designed to ensure that we are the right learning environment for your family and to ensure that your child will thrive at River Oak.



1. Schedule a phone call by clicking on this link..

2. Read Courage to Grow, by Laura SandeferThis book is about the courage that lead parents on a journey to start their own school with love for their children leading the way.

3. School tours may be arranged, after the first step is completed, by emailing A link will be sent.

​4. Complete our Application by emailing and you will be sent a password to get into our online application page.

5. Trial Period

After we receive the completed application form, your child will be invited to come to our school for a trial period (1-2 weeks up to an entire session). This is the most important step towards understanding whether River Oak Academy would be the right fit for your child and your family.. 

6. Admissions Decision

​Upon successful application and trial, you are free let us know if we a re a good fit or we will notify you at the end of the trial with a Journey Meeting with you if we feel that we would be able to serve your child well. 

                           Our enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is now closed.

Check back if we have opened enrollment.

Are You Ready To Reinvent Education For Your Family?

To begin, please introduce yourself, and we will e-mail or call you to start the application process.

Thank you for your submission.

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