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The Courage to Grow

We've all heard about the highly publicized college admissions scandal several months ago of corruption that runs so deep that includes school staff and even parents. Parents who have little trust in their children finding their way through struggle and failures by continually making their paths easier.

  What would it be like if we lived in a world where children were trusted and given a safe space to try, to possibly fail often, where they are able to develop grit, determination, and resilience, without sitting idly by waiting for someone to fix their problems or to get them into a college or to get them a job? No matter how difficult it is to witness their struggles and failures, to nevertheless trust them knowing that they will indeed rise to the occasion when given the opportunity to do so. By letting them build strength to their wings so that they may eventually fly.

Courage. River Oak parents need to have this. Our Learners need to grow this. This is the exact reason why we believe in the parent contract. This contract is to prove that we believe in children. We believe that they can do amazing things. Being a River Oak parent means saying “YES” to letting your children take real responsibility for their learning.

Nothing worth having comes easily. There is no learning without frustration. There is no love without suffering. And in many ways when we take these less travelled, obscure, rocky roads, we find the best hidden places we would never have imagined had we followed the easiest path.

“Some beautiful places cannot be discovered

unless you get off the beaten path.”

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