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Making Magic & Moving Mountains

Upon entering River Oak Academy, there is something special in the air... it’s a mix of excitement, confidence, and joy to say the least! The environment of the school is both stimulating and soothing, each room designed as a different learning center. And then there are the learners… children who tackle each day by putting their best foot forward, not for their own gain, but for the betterment of the entire group. They are a unit of very special young souls who will no doubt become leaders as adults. They ARE our future leaders. Their kindness, hard work, and creativity shine through all that they do. As the music guide for ROA, I have witnessed their team work, how they encourage others, and how they always strive to try their best while being mindful to leave no one behind. To see children of various ages be there for each other in such a way is a beauty that gives me hope for the future. River Oak Academy prepares its learners to move mountains, while simply encouraging them to share their own personal magic with others. I truly believe there is nothing they couldn’t accomplish together, and that their compassion for each other helps them stand firmly on their own two feet as well. It’s a cycle of energy that you feel once walking through the doors of ROA, one that I am so thankful to be a part of!

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