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Is joy created or found?

We are excited to head back to school! Our overarching question for the 2021-2022 school year is: Is joy created or found?

What's new this school year?

  • We are excited to welcome four new families to our tribe!

  • We have been busy this summer creating new and incredible work spaces for our learners.

  • We will incorporate new civilization curriculum where we will focus on a different continent each session exploring its physical features and culture.

  • We are incorporating freedom levels into our ES and MS studios. With great freedom comes great responsibilit. We do not bestow freedom, it has to be earned.

Our First Session

During our first session we will focus on keeping our school sacred by creating the studio contract and establishing guardrails. Learners will focus on understanding how to use resources like Journey Tracker and Slack, as well as the importance of setting SMART goals. Fun Fridays will continue this year with lots of opportunities for creative expression. Ms. Dinah will continue to guide our learners on a musical journey. Ms. Gina will continue to give our learners hands on art experiences with clay. Fun Friday activities will also relate to the area of the world we are studying in civilization.

Our Joy Journey As we explore the answer to our overarching question let us keep the following quote in mind. I highly recommend The Book of Joy! It contains profound words of wisdom that are meaning throughout life. It's especially relevant considering our overarching question for the school year.

"The path to joy, like with sadness, did not lead away from suffering and adversity but through it." The Book of Joy by The 14th Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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