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Some say that a garden just grows from seeds. Based on the recent gardening quest, we think it grows from trying, failing and trying again. A garden is hard work, but so is most of the good, important stuff in life.

With good soil and a good foundation ( not being able to see this whole hidden world of life under our feet), plants burst out of the ground. These everyday miracles of seeds have everything they will grow up to be already hidden inside of them!


We have the great blessing of watching miracles grow. We wonder often as parents whether our so called plants need more sun, water, better soil and so we experiment a lot. We do our best and that is what matters! As parents, we tend to the delicate seeds of our child’s potential with unwavering dedication and love, carefully nurturing each tender shoot, providing nourishment, guidance, and protection as our children grow and blossom.

In the fertile soil of your hearts, we daily plant the seeds of kindness, compassion, and empathy; teaching our children to understand the world with gentle hands and open minds; as we water them with patience and understanding, allowing them to learn and flourish at their own pace.

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