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Children Creating their own Learning Environment

We are at our most inventive and creative when we're allowed to construct, manipulate, and play with our environments, yet modern society tends to leave the design of our world to professionals. This is exactly what happens in our traditional schools. Instead of allowing learning to be constructed by the learner, we instead march children through standardized curricula, measured by standardized tests, thereby cheating the very people they were designed for. We've stripped the process of inventiveness, creativity, and discovery, then wonder why children aren't motivated, why they don't enjoy learning.

How do we bring back the power of learning into their hands?

How would they create their space if they were given the opportunity to do so?

What kind of environment would it be conducive for them to learn joyfully?

Would they feel motivated by their own creation?

YES! We’ve seen it with our own eyes.

We see our Learners CREATE, INVENT, EXPLORE, & WONDER!

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