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Building Our Tribe

We kicked off the year with over 30 challenges in session one. Our young Heroes are working hard along their hero's journey ! The learners are discovering how to hold each other accountable as well as themselves. They are using a growth mindset, grit, and perseverance to get through challenges. In just five weeks here is some of what they have worked on and accomplished.

Elementary School & Middle School

Quest: Build a Tribe

  • Team Building

  • Contract Creation

  • ROA Processes and Systems: Journey Tracker, Slack, SMART Goals, Freedom Levels, studio maintenance, Journey Bucks, safety, Challenge Donut


  • Know your location and read maps

  • Understanding Biomes

  • Understanding how we're connected

Genre (writing)

  • Working through the writing process

  • Completing Hero Statements

Core Skills

  • Beast Academy

  • IXL

  • Khan Math

  • Badge Books

  • Waseca


  • Team Building: Hula Hoop Pass

  • Individual Challenges: 50 laps, 100 sit ups, 40 push-ups, 15 sec. sit and reach x10


  • Hero Boards

  • Studio Schedule and Maintenance

  • Setting daily and weekly goals

  • Core Skills: Waseca **Math **Sensorial ** Practical Life

  • (finished course A)

  • P.E. - "I like to move it!"

  • D.E.A.R. and Understanding Hero Reading.

  • Helping others

  • Enjoying daily nature walks

  • Art projects

  • Having ES and MS on Fridays for lunch in Spark Studio.

From our Founder One distinguishing characteristic of our school brings vibrancy to the upside-down canvas we’ve painted. It’s the landscape on which our curriculum is grounded and is our “why” behind everything that happens in a day, week, or year. It is the Hero’s Journey. This grand mythological narrative of an ordinary person leaving a place of comfort to meet a challenge describes what all humans since the beginning of time have yearned for in life. We crave a life that means something to the world. We crave being known for our uniqueness, not what others expect or hope us to be.

The Hero’s Journey beckons each of us to answer the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Will I step forward to answer the call to adventure—knowing there will be monsters to battle, dark valleys to cross, and mountains to climb? Will I be passive or active about the direction of my life? Can I find the treasure of my potential, the holy grail, and return home with it to help others? The Hero’s Journey crosses cultures and binds us as a tribe.

Our Learners read a short book and were asked if they could identify parts of the Hero’s Journey on the story line. They were asked about their own journey and where they are at this point in time and how often they have had a full circle which occurs more often than they think. A question asked of all of them to contemplate, “ Imagine your life as a book or movie wherein you are the hero, would the reader or viewer be compelled to read your book or watch your movie based on the choices you make and how you live your life?” I'd say everyone's lives have the potential to be bestsellers and blockbusters!

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