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Anybody can be a Guide

"Don't be a sage on the stage, be a guide on the side." Though the truth is, we've realized that children have guided us in so many more ways than the other way around. They see, wonder and wander down paths we never would have walked.  Finding that authentic passion, connection, humility and constant commitment to growth and creation that children are so good at is what we always keep working on.

Having met with many educators and parents, it's often those with the most knowledge and "book-smarts" that struggle to capture a child's heart and attention. Those who think and believe that they know all the answers to the questions they ask children. Children tend to gravitate towards adults who don't know all the answers, who continue to seek wonder, take creative risks and live in authentic relationships with them. Adults who know that they are very much children at heart. Adults in our community continue to work on keeping the child alive in all of us, knowing that we have much to learn from even the youngest of our learners the wonders of the world that we tend to overlook or outgrow over the years as we mature.

What have we learned from our Learners?

Allowing curiosity to propel our learning.

Meeting strangers or seeing people without judgement.

Being completely honest even when it's difficult.

Forgiving without grudges.

Knowing how to have fun and play wholeheartedly.

Thinking outside of the box.

Daring to be creative, explore, and make mistakes.

Focusing on the present.

Just a few things we are continuing to learn from children to be better humans.

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