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Our Mission is to inspire each person who enters our doors to find a calling that will change the world.

Wonder and Joy create

the magical spark

that opens up a child's

heart to learn.


Find out what makes us

different in this short video.

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"Once you discover how much children can do in an environment that dignifies, magnifies, and inspires their minds to learn, there's no going back to traditional classrooms again." 

-Courage to Grow by

Laura Sandefer


Our Spark Studio is for learners from 4-6 years old. It offers a safe, caring, and warm environment where young children thrive.

The studio consists of an ideal balance of indoor and outdoor opportunities for enriched learning through play and hands-on exploration, where they build skills and knowledge at their own pace.


We draw our inspiration from the schools in the highly successful municipal schools of Reggio-Emilia, Italy, and Maria Montessori's educational philosophy but we are not a Montessori school.


Our approach is specifically designed to foster a culture of respect, develop individual character,  and promote student achievement.

Kindness and developing good character is a cornerstone in all we do. The social, emotional, as well as the academic life of each child, is valued and honored.

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4-7 year olds

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Our Elementary Studio consists of bright, open, and flexible spaces for work, learning, and play.  

It is a place where learners come together to learn core skills, develop character, and life skills while having ample opportunities for collaboration, exploration, and free play in our outdoor classroom and maker's space.


Learners use hands-on materials as well as adaptive technology to build a strong foundation of core skills.


Each Studio is a tight-knit community where they learn how to set goals, work collaboratively, hold one another accountable, and love learning.

This environment fosters a culture of respect and character development.



7-12 year olds

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The Middle School Studio is for learners ages 12-14 who have already proven that they able to work independently.  


These learners will work on difficult real-world problems and learn to write and think more deeply. 


Learners continue collaborating, building their character, and building friendships with their studio-mates who will challenge and support them through peer review of their work. 


This Studio ultimately brings students to a deeper understanding of their character, while they explore their natural talents, their calling through apprenticeships, and realize their gifts; helping them discover who they are, what they are good at, and what they are meant to do. To find a calling to change the world.

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Middle School

12-14 year olds

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Outdoor Classroom


          We are deeply committed to connecting children with nature.  We do not have a typical school playground. Instead, we have nature-rich outdoor spaces using research-based, field-tested design principles. We are now one of the 128 outdoor classrooms in the country and the only one located in Northeast Florida that has been officially recognized by Nature Explore, a nonprofit design organization whose goal is to help nature become an integral, joyful part of children's daily learning.

Our Outdoor Classroom is dynamic, nature-based play, and learning spaces. 

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The Acton Children's Business Fair is a free program offered to entrepreneurial families by the growing network of Acton Academy schools and the Acton MBA Program. River Oak Academy is proud to be an annual participant in this program, which creates an empowering experience that children never forget.

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Children's Business