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Benefits of the Outdoor Classroom

Time in nature-based outdoor classrooms often sparks interest in learning that stimulate further inquiry indoors.

Children spend substantial periods of time outside, and it is easy and safe for them to get there; they are free to move easily between the indoors and outdoors.


Social distancing guidelines are easier to abide by with fresh air providing better ventilation.

Our outdoor space offers a balance of areas for physically active and less active play.

While outside, children frequently have the opportunity to initiate their own learning experiences and activities, with guides available to support them.




Higher, more positive self-esteem

Effective relationship building in a cooperative, non-competitive environment

Building a healthy and balanced internal psychology from time spent alone

Manifesting classroom harmony

Social-emotional mastery



Familiarity with and appreciation of nature

Wide, expansive view of how the world works

Building stewardship skills for the environment


Children experience nature in as

many wonderful ways as possible



An increase in physical development, capability, and activity

Setting up patterns for an active, healthy lifestyle

Fewer children suffering from diseases such as obesity, Diabetes, and ADD/ADHD


Stronger language, problem-solving, and communication skills through projects and group activity

Developing an interest in science and math through connection with nature

Fostering learning through self-initiation, control, and personal responsibility


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