Your Teen Will Love This School

River Oak Academy will be opening its doors to middle schoolers for the 2021-2022 school year. This is an amazing opportunity for teens to take control of their academic career and start a new hero's journey where they experience middle school differently than most.

Imagine no standardized tests or homework. Learners take control of their learning through powerful projects called quests, and have the opportunity to find their true calling through an apprenticeship. Learning to be, learning to do, and learning to learn are priority instead of just learning to know. At River Oak Academy your teen will be an independent learner who works at their own pace.

Learners, or heroes, as we like to call them, will set out on their journey to accomplish a lot through the Acton curriculum. In their first year in middle school they will study all the core subjects like writing and math. They will work through quests, or major projects that will make them ask, research, and answer powerful questions. Eventually, they will focus on an apprenticeship where they will get real world experience.

Join us and give your teen an opportunity of a lifetime.

They will discover their gifts and passions and use them to find a calling.

Help them take control of their life.

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