Here Are A Few FAQs:

ROA is the right place for your child if they…

  • Wish traditional school was more challenging and engaging.

  • Enjoy doing projects around their interests with just a few dozen young people.

  • Build, create, innovate, or make art.

  • See things differently.

  • Care about their future, want to find a calling, and want to change the world.

  • Are kind, hardworking, and committed to doing their best and do not give up.

  • As a parent, I allow my child to have the independence to make their own choices and hold them accountable when they make poor choices.

1. Take a brief quiz

2. Visit                                         

Schedule a campus tour to learn more about our unique school. During which, you will receive a copy of

2. Read the book, Courage to Grow           

3. Complete an online Application Form

You will be sent an email with a link.

4. Trial Period

Your child will be invited to spend one week at ROA, where he/she will have a chance to see what being at River Oak Academy is like. It will also give our learners and guides an opportunity to get to know more and learn about your child. 

5. Admissions Decision                       

We will convey a preliminary decision on admission after the trial week. Admission to our school will be confirmed upon after ensuring a good fit between your child and family, and our learners and guides is essential to River Oak Academy. For that reason, admission remains subject to review of the trial week, and the discretion of the school based on information obtained during that trial week and prior to your invitation to start.

The learners at ROA have themed quests, genre and civilization and make creative projects to showcase our learning at exhibition.

ROA learners are have an opportunity to try techniques in traditional as well as digital art.

We have an expert in clay and music that come in and share their techniques and help our learners master new skills.  

We provide a 21st century learning environment using the latest in educational technology for self-paced mastery of reading, writing, elective courses, and math skills. Students are placed according to ability so that our program can meet the student right where they are. Students move on to the next level only after the content has been mastered, which ensures there are no learning gaps.